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The Gun Room

Jul 30, 2021

Coming to you from Dauphin, Pennsylvania, I have the opportunity to sit and talk with Sean and Liz Delaney of Delaney and Sons. Delaney and Sons is a family-operated travel business with a focus on hunting destinations. Their offerings focus on driven shooting in the classic locations where the sport was developed. In addition to a few Stateside shoots, trips to Wales, England, Scotland and Spain round out Delaney’s offerings. Our conversation stretches from the history of driven shooting, through to the modern-day, covering topics from what a driven shoot is, to the clothing, guns, dogs, and people involved. We discuss the famous Scottish McNab, as well as the differences between grouse and pheasant, and how to decide what shoot is appropriate for you. This and so much more on Episode 19 of The Gun Room.