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The Gun Room

Sep 24, 2021

Josh Loewensteiner is a lifelong firearms enthusiast who began studying, collecting, and shooting guns with his father and brother when he was just eight years old- he has been studying firearms for nearly 30 years. He particularly enjoys the classic American sporting guns. Josh is a Life Member of the Parker Gun Collectors Association, a Life Member of the NRA, a member of the Lefever Arms Collectors Association, the L.C. Smith Collectors Association, the Colt Collectors Association, the A.H. Fox Gun Collectors Association, The Smith and Wesson Collectors Association and the Winchester Arms Collectors Association.

Josh spent years working at some of the premier auction houses in the nation where he was immersed in fine firearms before striking out on his own to become a firearms dealer and consultant. Joel and Josh talk about their history with fine guns, the nuance and theory of collecting guns, how firearms auctions work from an insider’s perspective and so much more in Episode 27 of The Gun Room.