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The Gun Room

Mar 19, 2021

Episode 1: Guy Bignell and the Boss Flight

Guy Bignell, former president of Griffin and Howe joins us to discuss a 16 gun 'flight' of Boss shotguns, perhaps the only one in existence.

About The Gun Room

A base-level knowledge of firearms and their workings is synonymous with hunting. By its very nature, the pursuit of game demands the user become familiar, if not proficient with a weapon of their choosing. TGR  will dive headlong into all things surrounding the incredible diversity of sporting firearms we used in the field today. 

We will examine the history and technology in the development of modern sporting rifles and shotguns through conversations with the folks that were there. We will talk to the gunsmiths who have worked on thousands of firearms from English Bests to hardware store specials. We will speak with the collectors, curators, and enthusiasts who help maintain the vast body of knowledge surrounding the tens of thousands of types of modern rifles and shotguns. TGR will attempt to dispel common myths while building the collective knowledge base of our listeners through open discussion with leaders in the industry. Our focus and subject matter will be the firearms themselves. Their inner workings and foibles, the artistry and the utility. All things that make a  rifle or shotgun special. 

From the manufacturer's machinery to the gunsmith's bench, from the rack at your local dealer to the fields and woods we will explore the story behind the guns we carry for sport to live our passion.