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The Gun Room

Jun 18, 2021

Episode 13: Griffin and Howe 100 Year Anniversary Rifles

Few gun makers in the United States can lay claim to having 100 years of history, even fewer with the storied past of serving politicians, diplomats, and celebrities in the fine gun industry. Griffin Howe was established in 1923 in New York City, and remains to this day a fine gun maker, though offers so much more at the grounds of Hudson Farm in Andover New Jersey. I had the opportunity to sit down with three of Griffin and Howe’s gunsmiths at the grounds to discuss the history of G&H and how they made a name for themselves as rifle makers. We speak about sporterized rifles; those guns that were made for military use, but were brought home and repurposed to be carried in the fields and woods in pursuit of game and the history of American rifle development from early German influence through World War I. 

Finally, we take a deep look into the celebratory set of firearms that are currently in production at Griffin and Howe to commemorate 100 years in the business. Three batterys of three rifles each built on classic sporter rifle actions; the iconic American-made Springfield, the German Mauser, and the Winchester Model 70. We discuss all of the details of these rifle sets from caliber selection through sights, stocks, barrels and so much more in Episode 13 of The Gun Room. Join us for this discussion of all things sporter rifles.